06 November 2013

Positive & Negative Energies :

The thoughts people create about us will always reach us. Any wrong karma, invites negative energy from people towards us :

If people are jealous of us, they will create negative thoughts for us. If we create fear, then we are creating negative energy and we will become vulnerable to consuming their negativity.

Be compassionate for them, they are jealous because they have achieved less than us. If we understand their pain and create pure thoughts for them, it will become a protective shield for us.

If someone sends us negative energy, let us remember there are also a lot of people who send us blessings and pure energy. Focus your attention on the positive energy, influence of the negative will reduce.

If we create critical thoughts about the other person but speak very sweet words, we are still sending them negative vibrations. Slow down this inner conversation, because it blocks our natural energy of happiness and love.

Irrespective of the karma that the other person does, always remember they are a pure, beautiful soul. This consciousness keeps our flow of love natural and radiates respect to them.

When we have to give a correction for someone’s mistake, it has to be given with vibration of love. Negative energy from us, makes them justify their mistake and then not correct it.

Anger attacks the person and talks about the past. Assertiveness talks about the mistake and solution for the future.

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