06 November 2013

Om Namah Shivaya :

The Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” means literally “Reverences before Lord Shiva”.

In the mystical aspect of this Mantra, we become aware of a deep secret meaning embedded in the grammatical roots of every letter and every syllable that composes it.

■ Om – is considered the Divine Itself as sound.
■ Na – is a syllable that denotes an attitude of negation.
■ Mah – is related to the sense of posssesion.
■ Shi – is a grammatical root that denotes the auspicious and properous.
■ Va – symbolizes an expansive movement.
■ Ya – is a highly distinctive Sanskrit letter found as the root in the center of the heart and it is the symbol of pure love, of the experience of communion with Divinity and with the Lord in the depths of the heart.

The Mantra Om Namah Shivaya, will be much more effective, at any level, if we understand that through the recitation of Om, we are invoking the Divine. With “reverences”, namah, we are renouncing the sense of possession in our hearts in order to allow the ascension of our soul to levels of exaltation. And finally, with shivaya we invoke expansion into new spaces and dimensions, until communion with God is attained.
The chanting of the Mantra can open us to the Divine, since Mantra recitation can seize, captivate and reclaim the wandering mind, time and again, not allowing it to be diverted and drawn away from the meditative state.

Repeating a Mantra with devotion and purity can profoundly influence both the one who repeats as well as the one who listens, creating harmony and balance and producing an expansion at the level of consciousness.
A Mantra is a door towards reality; it is a mystic phenomenon capable of unifying the consciousness and invoking that which the mantra refers to. It is an instrument that stimulates interiorization, a vibration capable of opening us to the Whole and a vehicle towards Totality.

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