19 November 2013

Kapalbhati Pranayam Yoga :

◘ This Pranayam is highly useful to treat common cold, pneumonia and asthma. It also improves any respiratory disorders. The lungs’ capacity to hold oxygen increases and efficient oxygen and carbon-dioxide exchange is facilitated.

◘ It has a positive effect on the working of nervous system. As the brain cells receive blood rich in high oxygen content, it enhances the functioning of brain cells improving memory, concentration and efficiency.

◘ Pranayam yoga maintains the blood pressure by keeping the blood pumping rate of the heart under constant check. Proper blood pressure in turn lowers the chances of developing any heart problems, and it also lowers the chances of getting stroke and heart-attacks.

◘ Kapalbhati Pranayam provides a natural cure to obesity, diabetes, constipation, sinus and even hair loss.

◘ It is good way for curing any kind of mental and emotional problem also. It unlocks any mental or emotional blockages, thereby giving a feeling of mental peace and emotional satisfaction.

◘ Kapalbhati is a good way to release anger, stress and any mental discomfort. It brings a radiance and glow to your body.As the removal of carbon-dioxide from the body is initiated, so it leads to blood purification also. This makes your skin healthy and beautiful.

◘ Kapalbhati Pranayam is a terrific pain reliever. Any kind of muscular and skeletal pain can be cured by regularly practicing Pranayam.

◘ It improves body posture and enhances bone’s flexibility in joints.

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