02 October 2015

Magical Palm Exercise :-

5 Minutes Magical Exercise To Change Your Life Anytime Anywhere !!

It is a Old Indian technique, this exercise can be done anywhere, anytime!!

Step 1. Check the above picture and decide which part or emotion is troubling you so that you can concentrate on that part.

Step 2. Hold that finger correlating to that organ or emotion and breathe deeply.
Note: If you want whole body relaxation, go through each point on the fingers sequentially and end with the middle of the palm.

Immediate Effects: Positive energy flows through your body. Stress relief, sound sleep and reduced nausea.

Thumb :-
Emotion: Depression, Anxiety
Organs Related: Stomach, Spleen
Symptoms: Stomachaches, headaches, nervousness

Index Finger :-
Emotion: Frustration, Fear, Confusion
Organs Related: Kidney, Bladder
Symptoms: digestion problems, discomfort in upper arm, muscle and back aches.

Middle Finger :-
Emotion: Anger, Irritation
Organs Related: Liver, Gall Bladder
Symptoms: Fatigue, migraines, circulation disorder.

Ring Finger :-
Emotion: Sadness, Negativity, Grief.
Organs Related: Lungs, Large Intestine
Symptoms: Asthma, ringing in ears, respiratory issues

Little Finger :-
Emotion: Insecurity, Low Self Esteem
Organs Related: Heart and Small Intestine
Symptoms: Nerve Problems, Blood pressure, Bloating.

Middle Of The Palm :-
It is the center of everything, this will calm you down and provide a overall relaxation, hold this after the above said are done.

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