03 July 2011

Birth Time Rectification :

Birth Time Rectification :

Our Indian vedic astrology method is based strictly upon date, time and birth place of the person, relying on this data given by the person a kundali ( Horoscope) is  made. In normal cases information like date of  birth of the person is right but when you move to time of  the birth there are some chances of mistake. An expert vedic astrologer can provide you the accurate  prediction only you if you provide him with the accurate detail of your date of birth and time.  In many cases the small difference of even one minute can make many significant  difference in the astrologer prediction.

At Nadi-Astrology.Org we use a unique system to rectify your correct date of birth,  the major events in your life are taken and then matched with the horoscope made from the birth details provided by the native. The whole horoscope is then analyzed and if the events provided
do not match then the time is adjusted to make the horoscope which matches with the events of individual life. To conduct Birth Time rectification, it is required to know at least the date of the few life major event like marriage, purchase of car etc. For rectification of your birth time we will need around 5 main events of your life.

Followings are some events that may be used to rectify your birth time
·          Date of Marriage or major love affairs date
·         Date and year of Birth of your children
·          Any purchases like home, vehicle or office
·          Whether you have moved within / outside country with dates
·          Date of first job / New Business
·          Any financial loss
·          Whether affected by any illness, accident, Injury or surgery
·          Parents still alive or not / Date of demise of parents/family member
·          Inherited any property or wealth
 Any significant event of your life which you want to specify

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